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    How to Store Your Geocaching Swag Collection

    Recently, I shared with you how I display my geocaching swag. But truth be told, I have a lot more swag, i.e. trackable geocoins, in my collection than will fit on the walls. So what do I do with the rest of it? I have geocoins, wooden nickels, trackable tags, and cacher cards stored in notebooks on my bookshelf. Let me share with you what I used. Start with a sturdy three-ring binder. Remember that once you start adding coins, it will get heavy! Several medium size binders are better than one or two large-ring binders. I recommend that the binder have the rings on the back rather than the spine,…

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    Embrace Self-Care September: Explore the Outdoors Through Hiking and Geocaching

    As September arrives, we often find ourselves amidst a whirlwind of responsibilities, work, and the fast-paced nature of life. In the midst of all this chaos, it’s easy to neglect the one person who deserves our utmost care and attention: ourselves. That’s where Self-Care September comes in, offering us the perfect opportunity to take a step back, reconnect with nature, and prioritize our well-being. One excellent way to do this is through outdoor activities, with hiking and geocaching taking center stage. Let’s explore how these two pursuits can help you rejuvenate and recenter during this special month. The Healing Power of Nature Nature has an incredible ability to soothe our…

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    Yes, I Gave It Away

    About 11 years ago, I saw a pattern for a kid’s knitted sweater that I absolutely loved and wanted to make for my then 5-year-old. I picked the colors, bought all the yarn, and put it along with the needles and pattern in a bag and added it to my “queue.” And there it sat.

  • 10 perfect stocking stuffers with mask
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    10 Stocking Stuffers for Geocachers: 2020 Edition

    It’s that time of year again – you need to get some stocking stuffers for a geocacher and have no idea what to get! Add to that the complication of shopping during a pandemic, and you’re really in trouble. Fret no more! I’ve compiled a list of 10 fantastic stocking stuffers the geocacher in your life is sure to love! (This post contains affiliate links.) Tactical Stocking 2. Geocacher Face Mask 3. How to Puzzle Cache Book 4. Geocaching Ornament 5. No Touch Opener with Stylus 6. Treasure DVD 7. Geocaching PopSocket 8. Cliff Knowles Mysteries 9. 20th Anniversary Geocoin 10. Geocaching Coloring Book There you go! I hope this…

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    How to Display Your Geocaching Swag

    As you know, I have been a geocacher for many years. Not only have I added to my find count over the years, I have also added to my personal collection of swag. This includes geocoins and other trackable items, personal swag such as buttons, and pathtags just to name a few. I thought I'd show you how I display a lot of these items on the wall above my desk.

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    Craft: Geocaching Map Candles

    I collect maps. Everywhere I go, if I see a free map, I have to take it. And if I see somewhere online to send away for a free map, I do. Most states have a department of tourism that will send you maps and travel guides for their area. I have hundreds of maps and decided it was time to finally do something with them. This is the first of what I hope to be a series of projects to do with paper maps. (contains affiliate links) I like maps and I also like yogurt, especially Oui by Yoplait. It comes in these super cute little glass jars that…

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    Craft: Geocaching Inspired Keychains

    Looking for a fun geocaching related craft that’s fun for children and adults? Look no further! I’ll show you how to make these super easy and cute geocaching inspired keychains. They make great gifts or swag for geocaching. (contains affiliate links) Start out with transparent plastic pony beads like these. I used transparent green, orange, turquoise, and yellow. Arrange them in the bottom of a nonstick muffin pan. Nonstick is key – I learned my lesson here and tried to use an old tin mini muffin pan and ruined it! The melted plastic will pop right out of a nonstick pan. I used one like these. Make sure that you…

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    Playing Hooky for Hockey (and Geocaching)

    Confession: I played hooky for hockey today. Ok, so it was really a vacation day that I had been planning for the past couple of months. My kiddo was playing with his school band at the local minor league hockey team’s daytime game today. I love watching him play and I kinda like hockey, so I thought it would be fun to go to the game. If you take away one thing from this post, let it be this: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, ever under any circumstances go to any sporting event on one of the “Get Schooled by Skates” school field trip days. When I tell you…

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    Geocaching Favorite Points

    Let’s talk about favorite points and geocaching. I recently watched a YouTube video by a fellow geocacher which was about favorite points and what they mean. It really got me thinking about what they are for and why we should or shouldn’t award them. According to Geocaching.com, “Geocaching Favorite points are a simple way to track and share the geocaches that you enjoyed the most.” They are available only for Premium members to give. Every 10 finds earns 1 favorite point to give.  To me a favorite point should be given for a cache that’s special to the finder for one reason or another.  I tend to give them to…