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How to Display Your Geocaching Swag

As you know, I have been a geocacher for many years. Not only have I added to my find count over the years, I have also added to my personal collection of swag. This includes geocoins and other trackable items, personal swag such as buttons, and pathtags just to name a few. I thought I’d show you how I display a lot of these items on the wall above my desk.

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Starting on the left is a bulletin board. On it are my achievement pins as well as buttons that I’ve found or have been given along the way.

Next is a chalkboard that contains my pathtag collection. Chalkboards are magnetic, and conveniently so are pathtags! I have tiny 6mm x 1mm magnets on the back of the pathtags to hold them on the chalkboard.

Then come the display cases for my geocoins. They conveniently store the FTF trophies I’ve earned as well. (I love when cache owners provide a fun FTF prize!) These geocoins are my personal collection. Of course, you should never keep a coin or any other trackable that you found in the wild and that does not belong to you. My coin collection includes geo-achievement, GeoTours, commemorative events, Mega events, and other personal coins.

Lastly, there is something not really geocaching related at all, but it fits with the decor and is part of my collection. I have kept nearly every single ticket stub from every concert, sporting event, train ride, etc. dating back to my very first concert when I was 9 years old. This shadowbox has a slit in the top to add more stubs to as I get them. On top is a very special custom made gift that scottberks gave me a few years ago – custom lego people, ammo can, and packaging.

And that’s my collection! I hope this has given you some inspiration on how to show off your swag for all to see. If you used any of these ideas, I’d love to see it!

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