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Yes, I Gave It Away

I want to tell you a story. About 11 years ago, I saw this pattern for a kid’s knitted sweater that I absolutely loved and wanted to make for my then 5-year-old. I picked the colors, bought all the yarn (Plymouth Yarn DK Merino Superwash), and put it along with the needles and pattern in a bag and added it to my “queue.” And there it sat.

Fast forward to last year. I was reorganizing my yarn stash and came across this project bag. I decided I was finally going to make it even though I don’t have a kiddo it would fit anymore.

And so I made it.

The pattern could have been written more clearly, the chart was incredibly difficult to follow, I’d never put in a zipper before, and I had no one to knit it for. But I kept going.

I have always been a process knitter, meaning the act of knitting is what I love and why I do it. If the item turns out, that’s a bonus. I wear very little of what I’ve made and have actually donated the majority of my knitted sweaters to a women’s shelter.

This sweater was not exactly joyous to knit. But the end result is by far my absolute favorite. I wish I could shrink myself just to wear it!

And yes, I gave it away.

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