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How to Store Your Geocaching Swag Collection

Recently, I shared with you how I display my geocaching swag. But truth be told, I have a lot more swag, i.e. trackable geocoins, in my collection than will fit on the walls. So what do I do with the rest of it? I have geocoins, wooden nickels, trackable tags, and cacher cards stored in notebooks on my bookshelf. Let me share with you what I used.

Start with a sturdy three-ring binder. Remember that once you start adding coins, it will get heavy! Several medium size binders are better than one or two large-ring binders. I recommend that the binder have the rings on the back rather than the spine, as that will make it easier to open and close as well as turn the pages. This Avery 2” 3-ring binder will do the trick.

Next you’ll need some coin holder pages to protect the coins and store them in the binder. These 12-pocket sleeves will hold coins up to about two inches in diameter. These are especially nice because there is a flap that holds the coin in place, so there’s no chance of it falling out if the binder accidentally tips over.

I admit that for a while I kept the larger coins that don’t fit in these sleeves in the front pocket of the binder, but then the collection got too big. I had to figure out how to display them in sleeves with the rest. If you have coins that are larger than about 2”, consider getting a set of these 4-pocket pages. The only downside is that they are open on the top.

In the past few years, collectible cacher cards have gained popularity. Anytime I come across one in a cache, I grab it to add to my collection. These cacher cards are typically created for an event, such as Going Caching, or with a common theme, such as FTF Magazine, and are discoverable. These trading card sleeves are perfect for the cacher cards. I keep the cacher cards in their own binder and have them organized by event and love adding to the collection.

So now that you have some ideas and supplies, get those geocoins out of the shoebox and into display binders. But get them off the shelf every once in a while. Trackable geocoins are meant to be discovered! Why not host a “discovery party” geocaching event and show off your collection to all the attendees.

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