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10 Father’s Day Gifts for Geocachers

Not sure what to get that special geocaching dad in your life for Father’s Day this year? Last month, I put together a list of Mother’s Day gifts for geocachers. It only seems appropriate that I do the same this month for Father’s Day. Most of the items on the Mother’s Day list would definitely be appropriate and appreciated by your favorite geocaching dad, so be sure to check out that list as well. I’m adding ten more items with a geocaching dad in mind. Any of these would make terrific Father’s Day gifts, or birthday gift, or milestone gift, or just because!

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1. Start with a card

Did you know they make geocaching cards?? They do! And this card is blank on the inside, so really it can be used for any occasion. Grab one for Dad, and stock up so you’ll always have one on hand for anyone.

2. Official Geocache Retrieval Vehicle Bumper Sticker

Just for fun. Everyone loves clever bumper stickers. Especially geocaching bumper stickers.

3. Travel Bugs

Dad can attach these trackable travel bugs to anything and send it on its way to travel the world from cache to cache. These even have a scannable QR code on them to make discovery easier.

4. Real Deal Brazil Hat

This unique hat is loved by every geocacher I know who has one.

5. Geocaching Cuff Links

Check out these cuff links! What a unique gift. It’s so subtle that only another geocacher would recognize the symbol.

6. Geocaching Apron

Standard Father’s Day gift, geocaching edition. Every dad needs a cool apron to wear standing in front of the grill flipping burgers, right?

7. Geocaching Tie

Another standard Father’s Day gift, geocaching edition. Don’t dads expect a new tie every year? Make it special this year with this geocaching tie.

8. Geocoin display case

Dad can proudly display his geocoin collection in this display case.

9. Gerber multitool

This multitool is something all geocachers should have in their pack.

10. Handmade leather keychain with personalized coordinates

Commemorate a special location with this handmade leather keychain with personalized coordinates.

There you go! These gifts are sure to make Dad happy this year. Which one(s) will you get him? Be sure to let me know how much he loves it!

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    • shortyknits

      I just ordered myself a new one, and I love it. It’s always a useful tool to have in your pack while hiking or even to keep in your car. You never know when you might need it.

  • Meagan

    This is so cool! I just recently learned about geocaching from the show switched at birth and immediately had to click on your link. I’ll definitely have to keep some of these gift ideas in mind for when I convert my hubby into a geocaching dad 🙂

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